The Mussel Inn is located in the heart of Golden Bay, North West Nelson region of the South Island of New Zealand. A two hour drive from Nelson, over the Takaka hill, through the township of Takaka and on another 17 kms towards Collingwood you will find yourself in Onekaka. Keep your eyes peeled, for the Mussel Inn is very subtly sign posted but can often be recognised by the many cars parked on the roadside - especially on a busy night.

Built in 1992 by Jane and Andrew Dixon and their two sons, Henry and Toby, with a big whack of encouragement from John Mitchell , the Mussel Inn could be described as €˜Kiwi woolshed / tramping hut meets Aussie farmhouse” in style of construction. A single room with a veranda on three sides, solid wooden furniture (tables good to dance on) and a large open fire create a space that is rustic and homely.

 No need to get dressed up - in fact there is no dress code - although it would generally be more appropriate if some clothes were worn - the atmosphere is laid-back and family friendly.

The fare is simple and wholesome and as much as possible, prepared in our own kitchen. Famous for our fresh steamed mussels and thick mussel chowder, we also do steak, fish and vegetarian options and a range of snacky foods are always available.

 We also produce all our own beers, ales, ciders, soft drinks and occasional house wines in a small brewery located adjacent to the Mussel Inn. Home made lemonade and ginger beer will please those looking for something non alcoholic and a small selection of Nelson area wines and a basic range of spirits for those who are.

 The Mussel Inn is a performance venue and  live music is a regular feature, usually on a weekend night - and every second night over January. All genres of music are covered although original singer songwriters seem to get the lions share of the gigs. Our performers are not background music for your conversations so if you have lots of interesting stuff to talk about to your friends, please enjoy the fire outside! (check out who's played at the Mussel Inn to get some idea of the range of styles). No Pokie machines or TV's - not even a pool table - we're just not that sort of place. So when you come to enjoy the music - you come to enjoy the music. 

Unfortunately cell phone coverage has improved in the vicinity of the Mussel Inn and those folk afflicted with the curse are now able to distract themselves from the here and now and rudely interrupt what otherwise would have been a nice time had by all. PLEASE be discreet and preferably turn your phones off. If you feel that you don’t have the self control to use your device appropriately we are happy to look after you device for the duration of your stay. We provide free open wifi for those who need to catch up on their email and make important arrangements. Sitting around taking up table space playing mindless games or finding out what somebody you don’t really know had for breakfast on facebook is not only rude - it’s also a waste of your life. Photography during performances - while tolorated - is actually very distracting for the rest of the audience who are enjoying the here and now. Think of others and please no flash.

 The Mussel Inn is open from 11am till late, seven days a week. We close for Christmas day only and concider public holidays a great staff bonus for those who wish to take advantage of the extra wages (although we don’t pass this on to the customer)

From boxing day till the middle of January is our busiest time. Substantial wait times are to be expected over this period but hey ~ what a great place to wait

No bookings, no byo - take us as you find us.

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