going since 1994

Meets at the Mussel Inn on a Thursday evening, once a month - usually about the the third week (except January). 

Anyone is welcome to express themselves through poetry, story, song or dance.

 Usual start time is 7.30pm. Contact  Rose Michel von Dreger  for more details. 

Little stones of dreams and hope manifest come to GB Live Poets!

New featured guest slot added to format

 GB Live poets is bringing the 18 year legacy of founding organizer Joe Bell into a new season by introducing a range of featured guest poets into the regular open mic sessions.

GB Live Poets was established all those years ago when Joe Bell responded to a €˜what Golden Bay needs” invitation in the local monthly magazine Community News. Joe tabled the idea of a live poets group and GB Live Poets Society was born.

The format has been pretty constant over the years and a whole range of characters have presented their poems and words of wisdom to appreciative and encouraging audiences.

 Some have since published books, others gone onto further study, others to performing on the national stage and other have gone home to write more poems for the next gathering!

The style of poetry presented has covered all forms as first timers and more accomplished writers have delivered their poems in front of the fire at the Mussel Inn €“ the original home of GB Live Poets.

This month Live Poets will add a featured guest poet to the regular programme at the Mussel Inn and will put out the koha jar to help fund the guests performance.

“the original home of GB Live Poets".

"We would like to give some exposure and encouragement to our local poets and writers, " says spokesperson Mark Raffills, "as well as accommodating visiting poets from out of town. We'd like to stage other events under the Live Poets banner at the Mussel Inn to introduce audiences to poetry as a complete performance and entertainment package."

Of course the regular open mic session will remain - one before the guest and one after. Local musician(s) feature in a slot before the open mic begins so the evening will deliver something for everyone.


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