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Singing for the Terrified !

A Workshop


Never sing out loud? Want to sing  out loud? Terrified of singing out loud?

.  No matterwether you only mumble along at weddings / funerals. Or only if you're drunk at a Kareoke Bar or maybe you just want to sing in the shower ? We are  here to help you.

Vikki and Gilly used to be scared of singing, but now they dont give a damn – in fact they actually sing professionally and people pay sing

Join us in a fun, friendly workshop where you can learn some useful tips and exercises that will prove that you  CAN sing  and furthermore it can be FUN.  All or no abilities welcome.

T+C apply: We cant guarantee we can turn you into Adele or Pavarotti, but we do guarantee you will come ut of this workshop better than you came in !


Wednesday 6th July        5-6pm       $10


email the Muss to save your place!

gilly horse1
gilly horse1