Coffee is made using The Wholemeal Trading Company East Timor beans

Short Black/Long Black $5    Flat White/Latte/Cappuccino $5.50

Special Coffee (your favourite coffee with your choice of liqueur) $15

Extra shot of coffee/chocolate/vegan milk/big cup add $1 Decaf Available

Hot Chocolate $5.50

Tea black/earl grey/selection of herbals   Pot for One $5  Pot for Two $6.50

Mussel Inn Ginger beer, Lemonade or Pink Panther  $5

Mussel Inn Kombucha $6

Juice - Orange or Apple $4/$6.50 Apple and Boysenberry $6.50

Cola/Diet Cola —  $6.50


House Wines 

By the Glass—Spinyback Sav Blanc $10.50 Neudorf Tiritiri Chardonnay $11.50

Neudorf Tiritiri Pinot Gris $11.50 Blackenbrook Pinot Rose (seasonal) $11.50

Seifried Syrah $10.50 Blackenbrook Pinot Noir $11.50

Please see blackboard for full selection by bottle


Beers and Ciders

All made right here at The Mussel Inn

Tap Beers

Handle (460ml) from $10  Glass (330ml) from $7.50

Tasting Paddle (5 x 200ml tap beers or ciders) $25

More of our beers and ciders are available in bottles. Please see the separate beer menu for what is available now. No takeaways, sorry—we don’t have a license for it!



Double Nip (30ml standard serve) $10 with or without mixer

 Single Malts and Local Golden Bay Spirits (ask staff) $14.50


Bar Snacks

Available at the bar for when you need to eat NOW!

Proper Crisps big bag salted or salt and vinegar $8

Peanuts Salted $5.50

Lemon Oil Kalamata Olives $6 Pickled Egg (free range) $4

Kalamata Olives $5         Pickled Egg (free range) $3.50 



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