The Mussel Inn is a single room building 6 metres wide by 10 metres long with a small bar on one side wall, a large open fireplace at one end and French doors opening out on to a deck at the other end. No TV. No pool table. No gaming machines - but we do have a piano.

The construction is all wooden with an exposed rafter ceiling. This makes for good acoustics although it can be a bit 'bright' when empty of people (like during sound checks)

The room is comfortable for a maximum sit down audience of 80 (with all tables removed) although this arrangement would only be considered under exceptional circumstances as we rely fairly heavily on our diners to subsidise our music nights. For this reason we generally prefer to leave the tables in, in which case a comfortable audience would be around 50. Consider the space an exceptionally well served house concert that can handle a fair whack of bootie shakin’.

 For a casual general admission gig, when furniture may be removed after dinner for dancing purposes - approx. 120. This allows for stormy weather. On a good night - which can never be guaranteed - substantially more can be accommodated.

For logistical reason, it is not usually suitable for performers to do their own door charge. Guaranteed payment arrangements are made directly with the venue owners. Unless a tax exemption certificate is produced, or the performer is self employed and can issue a gst invoice, 20% withholding tax will have be deducted from the agreed fee. All performers who are not exempt or self employed will be required to fill out an IR330. Non resident entertainers (not residing in New Zealand) will have 20% with-holding tax deducted

Because of the casual atmosphere, no guarantee can be made that you will get a 'concert' audience. Likewise, there is no guaranteeing that you'll get everyone up on the tables dancing. (but folk around these parts do love to dance and you'd be amazed at what they can dance to). You can expect an audience of a very diverse age range and social mix. 

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