All Day Food (11-9)

Please ask at the bar for our separate gluten free menu.

Bowl of Sossys (DF) ( sausage bites) with tomato sauce  $9

Slice Ham Pizza $7

Cheesy Corn Chips (V) (corn chips with melted cheese) $7

Quiche (V)  $9  - add Salad $18

Pies - see blackboard for options (DF  V option)  $10  - add Salad $19

Open Sandwich - Fish Fillet (DF)  $20.50 or Bacon (DF)  $19 or Falafel (DF V)  $17.50  -add a free range egg for $3

Fish Fillet with Salad (DF) $20.50

Salad Bowl (DF V)  -  Small  $9  -  Large $14

Mussel Chowder (tomato based) with Garlic Bread   $19

Fresh Steamed Mussels with Garlic Bread (DF)   $22   1/2 serve  $15

Nachos with beans, cheese, sour cream & salsa (V)   Small $16    Large $20.50


                               Evening Meals (5-9)

Rib Eye Steak with mushroom sauce, salad and potato (DF option) $37

Pan Fried Fish (fish of the day) with salad and potato (DF option)  $37

Spicy Wild Goat Ragu with garlic bread (DF) $26  with Salad $35

Vege Lasagne with salad and a slice of garlic bread (V) $28



Pavlova $13

Hot Fruit Dessert (DF option) (see the blackboard )  $13

Chocolate Sundae - 3 Scoop $13 or 2 Scoop $10 or 1 Scoop $6.50

Raspberry Sorbet w Fruit (DF)  3 Scoop $16 2 Scoop $12 1 Scoop $7.50

Cakes and Slices  at the bar from $5


(DF) = Dairy Free    (V) = Vegetarian     

 Some of our dishes can be made dairy free or vegan to order please ask at the bar. Our salads have our homemade dressing that contains honey, please ask if you would like no dressing (vegan). Separate Gluten Free menu also available.


2.5% surcharge for paywave and credit card payments

When we’re really busy—please enjoy your wait!





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