Start time:  7.30 pm

On arrival, get yourselves arranged into teams of four (4) and find yourselves a table. There is a tendency for late arrivals to tag themselves onto existing teams thereby avoiding the entry fee and giving the said team an unfair advantage over the other teams. Although its not always beneficial to have a larger team, as it makes for more confusion and indecision, it is perceived as being unfair by the other teams and is not really cricket. Teams of less than four are OK.

The quiz masters will then go around the room with a jug to collect the entry fees, your teams name and distribute the pens and pads.

The entry fee is $2.50 per person ($1.50 for school kids).

The game starts with a ring of the bell and usually goes like this........

The team that was drawn at the end of the last quiz has set 20 questions (usually 5 questions each for a team of four)

The first question is read out, the contestants then have THREE minutes to confer amongst themselves and come up with an answer which is then written on a piece of paper along with the team name and handed to whoever is picking up the answers. The answers are then checked and a score is marked on the score board. After 5 questions there is a pause when the answers are read out and the scores are totalled so the contestants can see how they are faring. After ten questions have been asked there is a TEN minute half time break at which time weary contestants can recharge their glasses and otherwise administer to their needs.

 The second half proceeds as the first and at the end of the 20 questions the grand totals are added and the winner decided. In the event of a tie, more questions are put to the tying teams until a winner is established.

 The entry fees are added up and divided amongst the winning team members and presented to them as Mussel Inn credit vouchers.

During the quiz, the question callers will be keeping a look out for any humorous answers to be read out at the end. The members of the team presenting the funniest answer receive a chocolate fish each.

Rules for setting the questions.

 It must be kept in mind that quiz night is supposed to be a night of light entertainment, not to be taken too seriously and accessible to as many people as possible. Setting questions that are too hard will spread the scores out so that there will be clear winners and clear losers and that is not very exciting for the winners and demoralising for the losers. It’s better to have a play off at the end than to have teams leave halfway through the quiz because they feel that their intelligence is clearly not up to it.

 There are 20 questions, there are 20 answers and there are 20 points.


Try and stick to general knowledge, remember there may be school kids competing and try and include a few local knowledge questions. The odd real easy one is good for boosting morale. A puzzle question given out at the beginning and then handed in at the end as question 20 is good for keeping people entertained when they’ve got no ideas for the current question being asked or have handed their answer in and are waiting for the next.

Dont forget to have some extra questions ready in case there is a playoff.

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