A littler bit of Information for artists hoping to perform at the Mussel Inn

SUITABLE STYLES: Pretty much anything including dramatic and poetry presentations. However, our audience tends to be rather critical and has little time for imitators, disinterested background noise providers and performers relying on devices that they think make them more entertaining than they really are. The venue is intimate enough to suit a fully acoustic performance although most prefer to make use of PA. Original works are appreciated. Occasionally we will do the dj thing but usually as a support for a real act.

Check out this list of artists who have performed at the Mussel Inn as an indication of the range of styles we have presented.

PLEASE NOTE: Golden Bay has a resident population of around 5000 - raising to around 15,000 at the peak of the tourist season. Over the peak of the season we will space gigs with at least one day between to allow for our systems to recover. During the 'off' season we limit gigs to one or two a week depending on a number of factors. Just because you see a 'gap' on our gig guide, doesn't necessarily mean that there is an opportunity to fill that gap. The gig guide actually signifies that we are in fact fully booked over that time - so if you want a gig - look at some time beyond the gig guide. From mid July to early September is our ‘qiuet time’ = no shows.

SOUND CHECK  Before 5.30pm to avoid diner disruptions. Line check only after 6pm. 

START TIME - Usually 9pm in the summer;  8 - 8.30 in the winter.

DURATION - Usually a minimum of two 45 minute sets. 1am stop.

PACK OUT - Before lunch the next day. (breakfast is muffins and coffee at the Mussel Inn at 11am and artists are welcome to join us)

ADVERTISING - We deal with that and will do what we think is appropriate. We require a digital file of your poster - left blank - preferably A3 - jpeg and around 3-6Mb. If you are sending hard copy, we would appreciate 6 posters, left  blank so we can attach our logo and other info A short blurb including a concise description of the performance style, links to your preferred sites and a demo cd if possible, at least two weeks prior to the gig. If posters are not available, at least some sort of an image would be nice so our art department can create a suitable poster. 

BOOKING -  We take booking up to 6 months  in advance  -  by email onlyhaveabeer@musselinn.co.nz

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